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Neoprene quality makes all the difference

Neoprene range

Neoprene is not made equal and every neoprene has its strengths and weaknesses.

Here at Elios, we have a range of more than 200 options of neoprene to find the perfect option for your needs. Whether your first priority is about glide, warmth or durability – we will be able to find the perfect combination of neoprene finishings for you.

Our prices range from AU$245 to AU$645 depending on:

(1) Neoprene – brand and finishings

(2) Thickness – 1.5 mm to 9 mm


Neoprene brands

We only stock neoprene that we believe meets our exacting requirements for durability and comfort.

For competitive freedivers and those who desire the best, we strongly recommend high-end premium Japanese neoprene:

  • Yamamoto – Most popular for general use due to its softness and elasticity
  • NJN – Ideal for deep diving, as it resists compression and remains warm at depth

For those on a budget, we also stock excellent quality regular-grade Taiwanese neoprene.


Depending on the neoprene you choose, colours can be:

  • Block – Solid fabrics or metallic smoothskins for general use.
  • Camouflage – For spearfishing

Inner layer

Neoprene is synthetic foamed rubber that retains warmth by trapping a thin layer of water next to the skin. The thinner and more trapped the water, the better the warmth.

  • Traditional linings – Most durable, good slip, not as warm
  • Open cell – Very warm as traps water best, but will stick your skin and require soapy water to get into
  • Gold-coated or titanium-coated open cell – Very warm, similar to open-cell, metal coating provides better slip and reflects heat, easier to get into than open cell
  • Thermo-plush – for very cold water, thermo-plush is a soft, durable lining that retains a thin layer of water better than traditional linings


Outer layer

  • Traditional linings – From traditional nylon to lycra, confers durability but has significant drag in the water, dries more slowly on the surface
  • Smoothskins – From 1st, 2nd to 3rd generation smoothskins, specialised smoothskins for freediving with maximum glide, will be fragile if combined with open cell
  • Other outer finishings – mesh skin, hydrorepellent options for spearfishing