The Cut

Italian craftsmanship with clean lines and panels – sleek minimalist design, max mobility, minimal water leakage

Carefully finished seams with non-through stitching with maximum flatness – superior comfort and water-tightness

Two-piece custom-fit cut

Our custom-fit wetsuits come in a 2-piece cut. Over our 20 years of experience, we find this cut provides the best balance between exceptional fit and unrestricted mobility.


  • With / without integrated hood
  • Crotch strap with sturdy fastener – single/double T-braid (see image) or velcro (only recommended for thinner neoprene)
  • Aquablock edge finishing at lower border of jacket to block water and enhance durability
  • Open-cell wetsuits with internal reinforcements to reduce fragility


  • High waist pants, or long johns

Other cuts

Other cut designs, such as the traditional steamer wetsuits are available in standard sizes.