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1.5mm NJN Smoothskin Superstretch


OUTER LAYER: Smoothskin


COLOUR: Black, Camo Pelagos, Camo Benthos, Camo Klara

IDEAL FOR: Competition


NJN or National Japanese Neoprene is a premium grade neoprene, well known for being very soft, flexible and comfortable.

Smoothskin and lined inside: Enjoy the benefit of the smoothskin and faster glide in the water, whilst knowing that your wetsuit is more durable from the lining inside. The trade-off? The lining may reduce the stretch of the wetsuit, and not work as well as open cells for trapping water next to your skin. Don't worry, the thickness of the wetsuit is what really will keep you warmest!

Smoothskin: Glide through the water faster, with lower friction and drag. Warm up quicker as water beads off and evaporates quickly

Lined inside: Ensures your wetsuit is durable and even lets you put your wetsuit on without needing any lube!

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