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7mm NJN Camo Skin Open cell


OUTER LAYER: Smoothskin

INNER LAYER: Open cell


IDEAL FOR: Spearfishing


NJN or National Japanese Neoprene is a premium grade neoprene, well known for being very soft, flexible and comfortable.

Smoothskin open cells: The warmest, fastest, most comfortable and flexible fit you will ever wear. If you're into competitions - these are the wetsuits you need. However, these wetsuits are very delicate and will need very gentle handling, as well as plenty of lube for getting in and out.

Smoothskin: Glide through the water faster, with lower friction and drag. Warm up quicker as water beads off and evaporates quickly

Camo skin: Planning on spearfishing in dark water, or just want something that looks very cool - Camo Skin is a uniqe smoothskin-type exterior that is black on black camo print. The exterior lining makes it a little more hardy compared to a normal smoothskin and will also dry quickly.

Open cell: Stay warmer as open cell traps water right next to your skin. You'll need lube to put this on

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