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7mm Yamamoto Hyperstretch Open cell



INNER LAYER: Open cell

COLOUR: Camo Mimetic Beige

IDEAL FOR: Spearfishing


Yamamoto neoprene is the most well known and top of the line neoprene you can get on the market. There are different grades of Yamamoto neoprene - we use only Yamamoto 45, which is ideal for diving as it doesn't collapse and compress as easily the Yamamoto 39, whilst staying wonderfully flexible and soft.

Lined outside and open cell inside: The best combination for spearfishing and recreational freediving use. Warm and hardy, you'll love this wetsuit for years to come. Downside? You won't be gliding as quickly in the water, and it won't dry as quickly as smoothskins - but who cares, as you'll be loving ever moment hanging out with fishies!

Lined outside: Lined wetsuits have the best durability. With your wetsuit lined on the outside, you can dive without worrying about accidental nicks and cuts tearing up your wetsuit.

Open cell: Stay warmer as open cell traps water right next to your skin. You'll need lube to put this on

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